Coloured Rocks 

A family-run business, we're mad about gemstones, passionate about jewellery and committed to providing excellent customer service.

Two websites allow you access to two methods of buying our jewellery: lets customers buy jewellery at a static price and see the entire catalogue in one go.

The company designs and manufactures the jewellery, which allows us to slash prices and save up to 80% compared to the high street!

On you can take part in an exciting and interactive reverse auction, which enables you to buy bargain gems! is an interactive site, which allows visitors and bidders to chat with each other and the auctioneer in real time they can also learn about the fascinating qualities and history of some of the gems.

On both sites there is a huge range of jewellery, from fashionable, chunky necklaces to perfect solitaire diamond rings.

Prices will suit every pocket, from under £10 to over £2000!

Since its launch, Coloured Rocks has been committed to supporting various charitable causes, for instance 15% of our group profits have been donated to African charities and we raised over £1000 in one night for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Visit our websites and enjoy beautiful gems from Coloured Rocks and Rocks.TV
Coloured Rocks Ltd, Ivy House, Henley Road, Outhill, Warwickshire, B80 7DU
Tel 01527 851265

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Friday 19th March 2010